Process Analytic

BNF is capable of integrating any Process analytic system to suit your preferences regardless of technology, conditioning methods or analysers.

Integrating analytical system with configurations:

  • In-Situ
  • Extractive
  • Customisation (plates, panels, shelters, analyser house)
  • Application for Hazardous Zone Classifications

Incorporating various technology principals:

  • Chromatography (TCD, FID, FPD, ECD, HID, ELCD)
  • IR (NDIR, NIR, FTIR) & UV Absorption
  • Mass Spectrometer
  • Laser
  • Diode Array

Our capabilities:

  • Design consultancy
  • Basic and Detail Engineering
  • Custom system design and integration
  • Site erection, testing and commissioning

Steam & water Analytical system (SWAS)

BNF has years of experience installing and maintaining SWAS in the power plant industry, focused on optimising efficiency. We are confident in developing solutions that will provide continuous high purity water to major component: Condenser, heater, pumps, piping and more.

Our typical SWAS consists:

  • Sampling Conditioning system (Wet Rack)
  • Liquid Analysis (Dry Rack)
  • Condensate leaking application

Parameters measured:

  • pH
  • Specific conductivity
  • Cation Conductivity
  • Silica
  • Dissolved Oxygen
  • Sodium
  • Hydrazine

Why BNF?

  • Unparalleled design and engineering proficiency to develop solutions capable of meeting the most stringent of applications
  • Experienced with customisation while building to the highest industrial standards
  • Reliable and accurate measurements to provide critical data for process control

Effluent Analytics (EA)

Water quality  is measured by taking samples and testing them in a laboratory of physical, chemical and microbiological testing. 

Our complete on-line Effluent Analytics ensures that information captured it accurate and the system is also customisable to your preference.

A typical EA System consists:

  • Sampling conditioning System
  • Liquid Analysis System