Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS)

BNF provides a comprehensive turn-key solution for CEMS packages which includes: Design, procurement, integration, project management, installation,testing, commissioning and after sales services. 

We take pride in ensuring the system provides accurate emission readings specific to customised requirements. 

Typical CEMS consists of:

  • Sample Transport & Conditioning System
  • Gas Analysis System
  • Data Acquisition System (DAS) and Control System
  • Dust and Opacity Analysis System
  • Temperature and Pressure Measurement
  • Flow Measurement

Sampling System:

  • Cold-Dry
  • Hot-Wet


  • In-Situ
  • Extractive

Why BNF?:

  • Optimised Equipment, Installation and Maintenance Costs
  • System is configured to meet all EP A 40 CFR Part 60 or Part 75 requirements
  • Capable of Multi Stream Analysis using a time sharing method
  • Customisable design with accuracy while adhering to local regulations and standards.