St. John's Island
National Parks Board (NParks) HQ
BNF Halia
The Halia @ Singapore Botanical Garden

Mechanical & Engineering

BNF Engineering is a multi disciplinary company that engages in M&E and A&A fitting works to help our clients optimise the potential of their existing infrastructure. 

Our fully integrated building solution enables us to understand to develop a method to maximise efficiency yet bring you the best value possible. Over the years we have covered projects of all sizes. 

St. John Island

One of the isles situated around Singapore for locals and foreigners to visit. BNF does construction as well as M&E for this small island. 

National Parks Board HQ

The dedicated body providing and enhancing the greenery in Singapore with the aim to become a city within a garden with their Headquarters in Singapore Botanical Gardens. BNF has does A&A and M&E work to improve the interior.

The Halia @ Singapore Botanical Garden

Nestled in the Ginger garden within Singapore Botanical Gardens serving impeccable food. BNF was appointed to improve the space by building the canopy as well as M&E work to create the spacious ambience within the gorgeous Singapore Botanical Garden.